God is Good

By Tim Greenwood

How many times have you heard the phrase "God is Good" or "Our God is a Good God"?

I decided to look up the definition of the word "Good" and man, am I glad that I did.

According to the Webster's Dictionary the Definition of the word "Good" is as follows:

  1* Better
  2* The Best
  3* Favorable Character Or Tendency
  4* Bountiful- Abundant
  5* Suitable
  6* Fit, qualified, sound physically and mentally: healthy
  7* Free From Injury Or Disease
  8* Whole - The word translated peace in the bible is almost always the word "shalom" which means wholeness or nothing missing, nothing broken!
  9* Profitable
10* Pleasant
11* Advantageous
12* Agreeable
13* Wholesome
14* Full
15* True
16* Honorable
17* Legally Valid Or Effectual
18* Virtuous
19* Just
20* Right- to be in right standing, or justified!
21* Kind
22* Benevolent
23* Upper-Class
24* Competent
25* Skillful
26* Loyal
27* Praiseworthy
28* Well
29* Prosperity And…
30* Benefit In talking about the goodness of God consider the definition - and know that God is even better than that!