Mark 11:23-24 And Good Faith

By Tim Greenwood

Beginning in Mark 11:22 (TGV), Jesus instructs: Have and use the same good faith as God, (Genesis 1:3,6,11,14,20,24,26). (In these scriptures God made declarations speaking out loud that which was in His heart, fully expecting what He said to be performed and fulfilled like a contract. "Light BE! Firmament BE! Seas and dry earth BE! Plants BE! Etc. In verse 26 He says, "Let's make man like us, with the same type of authority and dominion over everything so far created.")

Continuing in Mark 11:23 (TGV), For without a doubt, trust Me when I tell you, that whosoever says, to any mountainous thing that may attempt to rise or rear up against you or block your path like this mountain, "I command you to get out of my way and to be slung like dung, out into the sea!" and says it without withdrawing in his or her heart, but rather trusts in Good Faith, that what was said will be performed and fulfilled like a contract, then it will be.

Who-so-ever, (that's me! I qualify for this!), shall SAY to this mountain (Anything that rises up in front of you, attempting to impede your forward progress). Ephesians 6:12 points out that "this mountain" can refer to "spiritual wickedness in high places," which can include malicious spirit beings that plot to superimpose themselves as mountains that rise up before you. Mountains of sickness, disease, pain, degeneration, calamity, storms of life, sin, demons, fear, - anything that is included as part of the curse of the law, [Deuteronomy 28:16-50]. We, (every born-again believer), that has been redeemed from the curse of the law - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially), are to SAY something to this mountain!

Talking TO God ABOUT the mountain is OK - but God says to talk TO the mountain! God WILL NOT do it FOR you. And He didn't say climb it, dig through it or find your way around it! Not knowing what the Word says is part of that "word problem."

To speak to the mountain say: Get out of my path and go jump in the lake! And doesn't doubt in his heart but will believe in good faith that the things that he says will come to pass, then they WILL come to pass!

This is an absolute reality when YOU say what God (Father, Son or Spirit) has already SAID as documented in the Bible. Remember, whatsoever He has said is a contract just waiting for your signature.

Just SAYING something is not enough! When you SAY something that you don't really believe in your heart, could be construed as entering into a contract in bad faith. Good faith is only obtained by hearing of a beneficial offer made in good faith by a person of known integrity.

I have spent time in the Valley of the Shadow of Death. I know how deep it is, how long it is and how dark it is. But, what IS a valley anyway? It's just a low place between MOUNTAINS. You can't climb out - I tried. The only way out is to MOVE the mountains! A valley without mountains is no longer a valley. And the only way to move those mountains is by commanding them to move, in the authority of and in the name of JESUS!

Continuing in Mark 11:24: And it works the same way in prayer! What ever you ask when you pray to God, trust in good faith that you receive what ever you ask, and it too shall come to you in the same manner. (Pray the solution - and you will have the solution. Pray the problem and you will have the problem).

In verses 23 & 24 the word "mountain" occurs only once. The word "believe" occurs twice. The word "say occurs three times. But the word "YOU" occurs six times and is implied four more times for a total of ten times! The emphasis is on YOU. YOU have to believe, YOU have to say, YOU have to move that mountain! It is up to YOU!

Whosoever can produce whatsoever through what they say in good faith. Whosoever can have whatsoever they desire through what they say in prayer. But in good faith we must forgive - whosoever of their whatsoever, (their breaches of contracts, trusts, confidence, etc.), before Father God can forgive our whatsoever.

Let me ask you a question. How does one express to God that he or she truly does "believe and doubt not" that what he or she said will manifest? Not sure? If you are at a major football game, and your team suddenly gets the ball and begins to run for the goal line with almost no opposition, how would you express your belief that that goal was already on the scoreboard? Yes! You jump to your feet, yell, cheer and shout in celebration! Even before the goal is scored! Because you believe and doubt not!

You say what God has already said (in good faith) in the Name of Jesus, and exercise your God given authority and dominion by signing the contract. And then, immediately begin praising, thanking God and celebrating the victory, even before the victory manifests. This is the framework for using the shield of faith found in Ephesians 6:16. The moment that the contract is signed, your celebration should begin, because the fruit of that good faith contract is as good as yours already!