It's NOT About Your FEELINGS

By Tim Greenwood

Fighting leftist socialistic ideologies is actually fighting basic human nature.  The human creature inherently desires to be cared for as much as possible while working as little as possible.

 Nearly every nation on the planet with the exception of the United States and a few other nations, which embrace an ideology of independence, taking care of yourself and your family while being creative, innovative and hard working to achieve our highest potential, has now politically embraced this idiology.

An entire generation of Americans now cannot comprehend the concepts of good faith and how to evaluate right from wrong because the only thing they have ever been asked is how something makes them feel.

Shortly, what I believe will be the most important national election ever in US history will take place. And voting aged members of that generation are going to go to the polls and vote - not their conscious, - not their morals, - not their ethics, but their feelings.

 And if we as conservative, moral, ethical, Christians remain apathetic, passive and quiet about this election, then there is a high probability that our entire way of life is going to be overwhelmed  and obliterated by that leftist socialistic ideology during these next four years.

I, as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus, under direct threat by the United States Internal Revenue Service to revoke my ministries' 501(c)(3) income tax exemption, am not allowed to advise you whom to vote for or against.  But I believe that my readers are smart enough to know the difference between right and wrong, moral and immoral and know what they must do now to protect our constitutional freedoms and our way of life.

 I encourage you to get up, get active, get involved and get onboard. And most importantly, VOTE your conservative, moral, ethical, Christian values, over, above and before anything else - including your feelings.