Living In Agreement

By Tim Greenwood

Where there is agreement, strength is multiplied.

In addition 1+1 = 2, but when one shifts to agreement something called synergy must be factored into the equation.

Let's say one 2x4 can support 100 lbs, but if we put two of them together, you'd think it would support 200 lbs. (100 + 100 =200). But you're not factoring in synergy (the power of agreement) for it now multiplies what it will support to nearly double, almost 400 lbs.

This works with people too. When people enter into agreement, synergy comes into play and multiplication occurs, greatly increasing the potential far beyond what each individual can produce on their own.

Ecclesiastes 4:9 says that two are better than one, because they will have prosperity.

You may say, "I'm just better off by myself." No, the Bible says that "two are better than one."
Vs. 10:

  • Two create a better return for their work.
  • Two mean that there is help in weakness or times of trouble.
  • Two means that there is warmth. (Naturally and spiritually).
  • Two can defend themselves better (during a battle).
Agreement is a contractual relationship.

Today, the SELF is being elevated above all else.  Serve yourself, seek oneself, know yourself, watch yourself, live for yourself, lift yourself, embrace yourself, acknowledge yourself, honour yourself.

An independent, self-willed person thinks only of themself. Arrogance, me-ism,  selfishness and self entitlement - is so against the Word and will of God.

Understanding the value of agreement is rapidly being lost in today's society. And as a result, the benefits of sharing and caring about others and lifting them up and coming into agreement with others is also diminishing.
Live in agreement: With the Word of God (Luke 5:5).
Peter gives all of his reasons why not (disclaimer) and then - never the less, "at Your Word".

  • Peter came into agreement with Jesus.
  • He committed to Jesus' Word by his word.
  • He entered into a contractual relationship in good faith or faith.
You too need to start converting what Jesus said and what God said: those promises, those good faith offers; into good faith contracts - by coming into agreement with Him.
  • The doctor may say "You're going to die"! But the Word says:  By His stripes you are healed!
  • The world says "It's impossible" - But the Word says "All things are possible to him that believes", (or comes into  good faith agreement).
Not only in emergencies like 911, not just after you've exhausted every other means, not as a parachute or a fire extinguisher - but make agreement a way of life!

Live in agreement with those God has connected you with.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 says, "A three strand cord is not easily broken."  Rope or cord, woven in multiplicity is much stronger than a standard one or two strand rope.

The Old Testament: says that not everyone can work alongside of just anyone. "Don't yoke an ox and an ass together."

Why? Because the brute force of the ox would end up just dragging along the reluctant, self serving, self-willed ass. 

The two must AGREE WITH EACH OTHER, compliment and work well with each other - before they come into agreement.

The same thing with sheep and goats.  They just don't work well together because they have completely different mind sets.

And finally: 1 Corinthians 1:10 says that we should make living in agreement our way of life!