By Tim Greenwood

What is your response-ability?

Are you morally accountable, reliable and trustworthy.

Matthew 25:14 is the parable of the talents.

In it the master gave responsibilities - based upon abilities.

Two acted responsibly and one did not.

God holds people accountable - both good and bad.
What did He say to the two?

Well done! You have operated in good faith with your response-abilities.

Luke 12:48  For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much be required:

What is required for you to receive the things that God offers you?

It's your ability to respond in good faith.  You must be response-able.

Here's the way that it works:

  • OFFER = You hear of it.
  • EVALUATION = You hear of the reputation of the one making the offer.
  • ACCEPTANCE = You convert the offer into a contract.
  • COMMITMENT = You sign on the dotted line or make a verbal commitment.
  • CELEBRATION = From the moment you commit to the contract, you should begin praising & thanking God, (using the shield of faith), and continue until the contract is completely fulfilled.
  • FULFILLMENT = You receiving the fruit of the contract.
Your reputation, (or righteousness), completely throughout the above process, is based upon your response-ability, be it Good or bad.