What Are You Saying About Yourself?

By Marcia Greenwood

What you say, does say something about you, be it good or bad. So, I ask you - what are you saying about yourself?   Do people like to be around you? 

Do you build people up or tear them down?    Do people try to hide when they see you coming or are they glad to see you?

And, very importantly, can people depend on what you say?  Does your yes, really mean yes or does it sometimes mean maybe or in the end really mean no - depending on how you feel when the time comes to fulfill what you said.

God's Word, the Bible means just what it says.  Jesus, when living on earth, said what He meant and fulfilled what He said, every time.  That is why the Bible says"Let you yes, be yes and your nay, be nay."  Nay means no in this king James language.

What I want to address in this letter is actually following through on what you say to others.  Our word is a verbal contract, whether you think so or not.  In the "old days" contracts were agreed upon with a person's word and a handshake.

When people get to know you, they learn quickly if you are a "person of your word."  They know if you are truthful or just "full of hot air", as the saying goes.

We need to learn to always follow through on what we say - that is why it is important to think before we speak.  The big things count, as well as the little things, such as: "I will call you next week", or "let's go to lunch soon".

Yes, things may come up, but we have: phones, texting, email and face book to contact the person and let them know we haven't forgotten them and then follow through to fulfill what you said in the verbal contract.

Yes, you and I are well known for what we say.  Our reputation is on the line! And, very importantly, we, as Christians want to reflect the light of Jesus in us.