What Do You Want From God

By Tim Greenwood

Once again with the devil's (and religion's) help we've gotten everything backwards.
Phil. 4:13 - I can do all things through Jesus Christ who (strengthens) me. Speaking of what is already within you, that power and ability.

Rom. 12:2 - Be not conformed to this physical world of the five senses but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, will and emotions to come into alignment with your renewed spirit, that you may prove what is good (beneficial), acceptable (pleasing, in agreement)  and perfect (complete and fulfilling) will of God.

When you get born again, your spirit is already perfect, whole and healthy.

You don't need God to:
     Come and touch you
     Come and bless you (Eph 1:3)
     Give you faith (Rom. 12:3)
     Give you healing (1 Pet. 2:24)
     Give you more
     Give you anything!

Once you get born again, you have the life of God INSIDE of you and it is through the renewal of the soul, (your mind, will and emotions) that you learn to draw these things out - which are already within you by faith and employ them here in this physical world.

If you are a born again Christian: You don't need God's reassurance that He's still in a good faith relationship with you.  But isn't that exactly what we ask, no, DEMAND of Him?
From Genesis to Revelation there is testimony after testimony of God's faithfulness and diligence to fulfill every promise, every covenant and every commitment without fail, every time!

So, in fact, it is GOD who needs YOUR continual re-assurance that YOU are still in relationship with HIM!

I mean, after all, according to the Bible, human beings, individually and collectively, are the ones who have a reputation of being liars, being double-minded, flip-flopping, being wishy-washy, being unfaithful, being untrustworthy, changing their minds all the time, avoiding commitments of any kind and having a lot of good intentions but very little follow through.

This is why you need to start praising and thanking God for whatever you have asked Him for, from the moment you ask and continue until you receive what you have asked for.

Even though it IS necessary, just believing in God is nothing special! Every demon in hell knows that God exists. Every dumb animal of the forests and fields knows that God exists. The Bible says that if we fail to acknowledge God that even the rocks will acknowledge Him. Therefore,you've got to be even dumber than a rock not to believe in God!

And, just believing that God CAN or WILL do something - is implying that God HAS so far DONE nothing!  And if you believe that, then it's no wonder why you believe that you have to pray and beg and fast and do something else and then do something more after that to get God to respond.

And if He still won't respond to you alone, then you call the pastor, the church prayer team or the TV ministry hot line to get hundreds of people to pray and put some real pressure on God to DO something or get God to move on your behalf.

But, God does NOT move. God does NOT cange. In fact, God has already done EVERYTHING He needs to do. God has gotten you born again and has filled you with His Holy Spirit.

God has placed His supernatural power on the inside of you.  You already HAVE it!

You have to BELIEVE BY FAITH (or in good faith) that you already have what you need within you - and then draw it out and put it to work! And, it doesn't matter that you can't see it, feel it, smell it, taste it or hear it; for real Bible faith does not even begin until you get beyond your five physical senses.

God is Spirit and operates in the spirit realm. And sickness, disease and lack operate in the physical realm. So HOW do you get what you have in your spirit to manifest in the physical realm?

Faith or good faith or a good faith contractual relationship operates as the bridge between the two.

First, you must hear or read of the impeccable reputation of God always keeping His word without ever failing to do so. Then you must hear or read of a good faith offer that God has made available to you to fulfill some specific need, (usually from the Bible).
The combination of His good reputation and that good faith offer produces the hope and the expectation that, if you by your good faith commitment convert that offer into a good faith contractual relationship, then your need will be met by that contract.

That good faith contract acts as a bridge to get you from need to need fulfilled. And God has freely made thousands of these good faith offers available to you throughout the Bible.

This is why the Bible says that faith or good faith comes by hearing of the good word of God and says that a signed good faith contract is the legal substantiation of the expectations (or hope) of all parties at the time at which said contract was signed and, that a signed Good Faith Contract is the legal evidence or proof of that which may not have as yet fully manifested.

So, what is it that you still want from God?

HE has made all provision for YOU to meet YOUR every need through that which HE has already placed within YOU and even provided His OWN Holy Spirit to hold YOUR hand and walk YOU through everything, step by step.

What more could you possibly want?