Is Saying "Christ" the Same As Saying "Jesus"?

By Tim Greenwood

Too many Christians use the word "Christ" as a replacement or synonym for Jesus.

God gave His Son a Name to which every other name in the universe is to bow. That name is Jesus. There is power in the name of Jesus. Jesus is the name that is above every other name that is named.

"Christ" is NOT Jesus' name. "Christ" is WHAT He is - not WHO He is.
One cannot be Christ the King or King Christ, because they are both titles and not names. Our King is King Jesus. Our savior is Jesus. Our deliverer is Jesus. The prophesied Messiah, (Christ), is Jesus.

"Christ" means "The anointed one" or refers to the anointing that Jesus is anointed with. The Jews refer to this anointed one as "the Messiah," for whom they await to bring them redemption.

As part of a Christian's new birth and acceptance of Jesus as our Savior, Redeemer, Lord and King, we also accept Him as the prophesied Messiah. But note that Savior, Redeemer, Lord, King and Messiah represent WHAT Jesus is and that "Jesus" is His NAME.

Why is this important?

This is important because everything that we do, as Christians, is done - operating as duly appointed deputies with legal power of attorney - to do everything He did - in the NAME of Jesus.

Sickness, disease and demonic beings will not leave - in the name of the Messiah, the Savior, the Redeemer, the Lord or the King. They will however leave in the NAME of Jesus.

The Apostle Paul, (a Jew among Jews, by his own description), used the term "Christ" or Messiah on a regular basis. I believe that he did so because as a Jew, and in sharing his teachings to the Jews it was of paramount importance that the Messiah that they had been waiting for had come in the person of Jesus.

Many times he used the title Messiah, (translated in the Greek as Christ), he was emphasizing that the prophesized Messiah, came to earth for you, died for you, was raised from the dead for you, can now live within you and live through you. In other places, when using this title Paul was referring to the anointing that the Messiah was anointed with. Both of these concepts were completely understood by the Jews of that day.

To the unsaved, (Jew or non-Jew), and to the new Christian is extremely important to understand that Jesus was indeed who He said he was - that prophesied Messiah. However once one is saved and has accepted this fact, it is time to move forward and place less emphasis on the Messiah, (Christ), and more emphasis on using and operating in the name of Jesus.

Too many churches today regularly use the title "Christ" as a synonym, if not replacement, for His NAME - Jesus - and then wonder why there is little or no power there.

Jesus, in Mark 16:17-18 said this about Christian believers: In my name shall they cast out demons; In my name they shall speak with new tongues; In my name they shall not be hurt by any deadly thing, not even snake venom or poison; In my name they shall lay hands on the sick, and the sick shall recover.