ARTICLES (Most Recent)
What kind of Faith Does It Take To Please God?(The God kind of faith)
Made in the Shade(The valley of the shadow of death)
Impugning Motives(The presumption of guilt)
Faith v. PresumptionPresumption and its relationship to faith (good faith).
Faith & Healing(Testimony & Instructions)
A Word From God( A Special Word For You.)
Fighting The Good Fight Of Faith(Fighting In Victory - God's Way.)
Healed From Heart Failure(The Healing Of Steve Beloat)
A Home For My New Bride(Small Beginnings)
Wine In The New Testament(What the Bible actually says about wine.)
Love Is A Law(The New Testament Law Of Love.)
A Word From The Lord For All Of Us(About the Fruit of the Spirit In Your Life.)
Do You Ever Feel Overwhelmed?(Jesus Is My Problem Solver.)
God Does Not Have Integrity(God Is Ingegrity.)
It's NOT About Your FEELINGS(Voting With Christian Values.)
Important Principals In The Declaration of Independence(Our God-given Rights.)
A Brief History of Good Faith - Part 1(Covenant between God and man.)
Response-Ability(Your ability to respond.)
A Brief History of Good Faith - Part 2(Righteousness Is A Good Reputation.)
Living The Good Life(How to live the good life.)
The Importance Of Wisdom(Using Godly Wisdom In Your Life.)
Jesus In The Holy Days (Jesus Fulfills The Holy Days.)
How Valuable Are You?( God's Love For You.)
How Can The Bible Help Me Anyway?(The Bible - Instruction On How To Live Life.)
Jesus Isn't Coming Back As Expected(Jesus Is Returning As King.)
Keeping The Jewish Holydays(Jesus In The Jewish Holy Days.)
Jesus Has Parts!(Jesus Wants You Whole.)
Living In Agreement(Agreement In Prayer With God's Word.)
What Do You Want From God?(God's total provision.)
Can One Write Their Own Ticket With God?(The Whatever in Mark 11:25)
What Are You Saying About Yourself?(What you say, does say something about you.)
Seek Ye First(Reading God's Word)
WE, the People and OUR Constitution(Constitution of the United States)
C'mon Over!(Jesus wants you to be part of His family.)
Were Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses Jews?(The descendants of Judah.)
It's Time To Check Your Foundation(Building on a solid foundation.)
What To Do During Times Of Storms(Overcoming Adversity.)
How Grace Works(Good Faith, Grace & Reputation)
Nuggets From Proverbs - Part Three(Proverbs 3)
OFFENCE(How to deal with offence.)
A Good Reputation(What is Righteousness?)
Commitment Vs. Good Intentions(Even the best of good intentions don't equal a commitment.)
A Federally Sanctioned, Federally Funded, STATE RELIGION?(Your 1st Amendment Rights are in Jeopardy!)
The Kind of Faith That Pleases God(What kind of faith pleases God?)
Witnessing To Muslims(Tips on Witnessing To Muslims)
Nuggets From Proverbs - Part Two(Proverbs 2)
No Longer Slaves But Free!(Are you really free from the kingdom of darkness?)
What Should God Reasonably Expect?(What should God reasonably expect from you?)
Just What Is The Will Of God?(How God explains His "Will".)
How to Deal With A Breach of Trust(How to biblically Deal With A Breach of Trust.)
God is Good (Definition of "Good".)
Are You Enjoying The Abundant Life? (How to enjoy the abundant life.)
Are You Fully Persuaded?(You need to be fully persuaded.)
A Special Word From God (Benefits of the Kingdom.)
Shaken But Not Stirred (How to stir yourself up.)
This Is The Confidence We Have (On what does one base their faith?)
Why Worry?(Worry)
Discouragement (How to deal with Discouragement.)
Mark 11:22-24 And Good Faith(Mk 11:23-24 and how to apply it.)
Healed From Bone Cancer(The Healing Testimony Of Sister Rose)
Submission And Control The difference between Submission And Control.)
How To Accidentally Get Baptized In The Holy Spirit(Baptism in the Holy Spirit)
Grace and the Law(Is grace the opposit of the law?)
Have You Rejected Knowledge?(Believing and acting upon the Word of God)
Is Saying "Christ" the Same As Saying "Jesus"?(Should we refer to Him as Christ or Jesus?)
Jesus Is Lord(But in what way - is He Lord?)
Grace and Good Faith(What grace is - and is not)
A Few Thoughts About Your Incorporated Ministry(Corporate Ministry Tips)
Who's Telling The Truth?(Truth)
Good Faith, Repentance,Mercy and Forgiveness(Good Faith, Repentance,Mercy and Forgiveness)
Prosperity In Times Of Trouble (Oppertunity during adversity)
Moving In The Right Circles(Our commitment to God)
God Seeks More Credit!(God wants you to start giving Him more credit)
Take Your Stand Of Faith (How to stand.)
Sanctified By The Word Part 2(Set apart from the rest of the world)
Obedience Versus Commitment(God is NOT seeking your obedience.)
Are You Fulfilling The Great Commission?(The Great Commission IS Your Mission)
Sanctified By The Word Part 1(Set apart from the rest of the world)
Which System Are You Working?(The Kingdom of God system)
Redemption (You have been redeemed)
Overburdened? Give It To Jesus!(How to cast all your care on Jesus)
Baptism In The Holy Spirit(You need to receive the Baptism In The Holy Spirit)
Three Kinds Of Faith (Different Kinds Of Faith)
Translated!(Read how Tim Greenwood was supernaturally translated.)
Staying Positive In A Negative World(Staying positive.)
The KingdomOf Heaven(Jesus Is Calling You To Him.)
Seeing Yourself As God Sees You(Looking at yourself through the eyes of God)
Just Who Are The Palistinians?(A lie told often enough will be believed.)
Mental Assent - The Enemy of Faith(Mental assent can steal your faith.)
Offense Is Poisonous!(Refuse to be offended.)
You Need To Consult Your Doctor!(A life changing healing testimony!)
Nuggets From Proverbs - Part One(Proverbs 1)
Running The Race Of Your Life (Part 2)(RunningTo Finish And Win)
How Do You Measure Up?(How to be more like Jesus.)
Running The Race Of Your Life (Part 1)(Starting The Race)
What Does The Bible Say About Strife?(The Bible has a lot to say about strife.)
Set Your Sights High(How expect it see it taste it imagine it and stand for it )
Is Your Conduct Worthy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?(Developing the Fruit of the Spirit in your life.)
Psst ... God Loves YOU!(God's Love)
Commanding Mountains To Move(Living by faith)
Speaking God's Words Brings Victory(Saying Waht God Said)
Don't Settle For Anything Less - Than God's Best(Fulfilling the destiny God Has For You)
Be Ready(Are you ready for the return of Jesus?)
Two Mistakes To Avoid When Having A Visitation(Proper spiritual etiquette)
Looking For the Easy Way Out?(Never give up on God's best for you.)
Spirit Envelops Spirit(A Vision/Revelation From the Holy Spirit)
Prosperity Scriptures(Prosperity Scriptures)
You ARE The Temple of the Holy Spirit(Don't you know that you yourselves are God's temple?)
Does Tithing Have A Place In Christian Giving Today?(Does Tithing Have A Place In Christian Giving Today?)
What Do You Do When God Says Go?(God said "Go ye." Now what do you do?)
Bible Study For Faith & Healing(Bible Study For Testimony)
The Whole Armor of God(What it is and how to use it)
Two Reasons I Could Never Be a Muslim(Qur'an misrepresents basic Christian doctrine)
Earthquakes(Earthquake Scriptures.)
What is Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost?(Have you blasphemed the Holy Ghost? Are you sure?.)
Coal: Evidence For A Young Earth(Coal Is Actually Evidence FOR Creation)
Evidence For Creation(10 Evidences For Creation In A Nutshell)
This Is How We Vote(How We Personally Select Who And What To Vote For)
The Last 12 Verses of Mark's Gospel(Do the last twelve verses of Mark - belong in the Bible?)
Three Days & Three Nights(Good Friday To Easter Sunday Equals 3 Days & 3 Nights?)
The Suffering Doctine...A Doctrine Of Devils?(Every Christian Should Read This)
Gods Words(The Importance Of God'S Words.)
God Sees You As His Completed Child(Learn To See Yourself As God Sees You.)
The Whole Story(Tim Greenwoods DETAILED Testimony)
Dealing With Fear(How to deal with your fears.)
The Truth About Christian Brokenness(God Want His Children Whole - Not Broken!)
Christ is NOT Jesus' Last Name!(The meaning of the name Christ)
It's Freedom OF Religion(It's "Freedom OF Religion" - not "Freedom FROM Religion!")
The Authority of the Believer(Bible Study Outline on your authority as a believer.)
The What Abouts(What-About Job And The Thorn In The Flesh?)
The Old Testament In The Light Of The New Testament(Always - Study The Old Testament In The Light Of The New)
Evil, Why Does God Allow It?(The Question Everyone Asks!)
God So Loved The World(God Never Fails To Love You)
The Names Of God(The Names Of God And Jesus)
Healed From AIDS(This Is A Testimony Of The Restoration Of An Entire Family)
Healed From Cancer(The Healing Testimony Of Peter Masonis)
Healing Throughout The Bible(Is It Still For Today?)
The Holy Spirit(Bible Study On The Holy Spirit)
Succeeding At Being Yourself(How To Overcome Your Insecurities)
Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ(Medical Aspects Of The Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ)
What Jesus Has Done For You(A SPECIAL Article For Easter/Passover)
The Lord's Example Prayer(How To Pray)
Self Protection(Learn How To Protect Yourself)
Relationships(Christian Relationships)
From JIHAD To JESUS CHRIST(The Salvation Testimony Of A Terrorist Turned Christian)
Mustard Seed Faith(How to apply your faith)
Prayers That You Can Pray!(A list of prayers by topic.)
How To Live A Life Of Victory(What it takes to have a happy, successful, fulfilled life)
How to 'Assay' Your Faith (Retranslation of 1 Pet 1:1-9)
On Being Thankful(We need to be thenkful.)
Walking In The Fruit Of The Spirit(Learn How You Can Walk In Love And Produce The Other Fruit)
Healed of Paralysis(The Healing Testimony Of Mark Stever)
The Importance Of Patience(The Relationship Between Patience And Faith)
Holiness and Sanctification(You Are Holy)
The Myth of the Separation of Church and State ("separation", "church", and "state" not in first amendment)
Mark 11:22-24 Breakdown...(Greek Amplification Of Mk11:22-24)
It Doesn't Take Much Faith...(Get Rid Of Your Stinkin Thinkin!)
Where Do You Stand?(It'S Time To Take A Stand!)
Are You Living On The Edge?(Are you just ignoring the boundries in your life?)
Name It & Claim It?(Boldly 'Name And Claim' All That God Has For You)
Faith Is A Law(Faith Is A Spiritual Law)
Is God A Vending Machine?(No! God Is NOT A Vending Machine)
Life is NOT About Do's and Don'ts(A Life and Death Topic)
Though I Speak In Tongues(Pastor Jack Hayford Shatters Myths About "tongues")
7 Tactics Of The Heresy Hunters(The Title Says It All)
Obstacles To Our Faith(Bible Study Chart)
The Sovereignty Of God(Can God Do Whatever He Wants To Do?)
Introduction To Jesus(Knowing About -- And Getting To Know Jesus)
Healing Scriptures(The Healing Scriptures)
A Hug From God(A personal testimony of God's Love and Presence)
What Kind of Faith Do You Have?(There are 2 kinds of faith. One works, the other does not)
Change - To Become Like Jesus(Are you prepared for - change?)
Real Bible Hope(Hope)
Gods Love For You(Understanding Complete Redemption)