It doesn't take much Faith to believe in
Something That
Cannot Fail
Iwould like you to take a moment and meditate on the following statement: 
"It doesn't take much faith to believe in something that cannot fail."

Our God is the only one we can put our complete confidence in. His Word will never fail us. He tells us that He watches over His Word to perform it. His Word is a promise - a law. When we put our faith in Him - He makes sure we receive! That is absolutely good news! Isn't it? When God tells us something in the Word - It is a "done deal." God will never lie to us. God has no sin - no darkness in Him at all. When we read the Word, we are hearing a promise from God's mouth to our ears. We must keep our ears from the lies of the devil. 

We, as His kids need to continue to focus on God and what He has given us through Jesus Christ, and then we will receive all that He has for us. God wants His kids to have the best - of everything! He started out with giving us His best - Jesus Christ. God and Jesus are one - they think alike, they speak alike, there is no confusion in them - only truth. Jesus is the way - the truth - and the life! Through the blood of Jesus we have salvation; healing; deliverance; peace; prosperity. 

It's all ours - just for the taking! 
It is a gift of love! 
We have it all - by faith! 
Jesus will never fail us. 

On the cross He said "It Is Finished." Everything He came to do, He accomplished! He did the works - and we can rest in His works by faith. God tells us to become like little children. Why? They are innocent - they are very trusting. When someone tells them something - they automatically believe them, unless of course, they have been lied to over and over and over again. All that Jesus provides for us in His Word - the Bible - is ours the very moment we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior. 

At that moment we are adopted in God's family, and He wants to love us and bless us with so much. God tells us "If we believe we will receive what we ask for in prayer." Glory to God! "It doesn't take much faith to believe in something that cannot fail." We must quit our "stinking thinking." 

Don't try to analyze God's Word, and get three confirmations before you trust God. Just trust - just believe - by faith - because He tells us the truth! Partners please get this in your heart! Quit worrying - get any fear out of your life - gird up your mind against the lies of the devil and rest in the promises of God. 

This can be - this should be - this must be this simple in our lives!  Nothing - absolutely nothing is too hard for God! Praise God! 

This makes me so happy just writing this article!  It doesn't take too much faith to believe and receive. God has already given us a measure of faith (Romans 12:3). So how can a Christian say they don't have faith? 

God says we do! Mat. 17:20-21 tells us "I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, YOU CAN SAY to this mountain (any problem), move from here to there, and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. 

Please get this truth deep in your heart, and act on it! God says, "Faith without actions is dead." So go and do! That's all we have to do, believe and do. Jesus has already finished the works! It's not our part to understand how God will do something. It's our part only to believe and receive by faith! 

God made sure that His Word (the Bible) was preserved down through the ages, so He can talk to us and tell us all He has for us. God's Word is just that - His Word. He won't break His Word. That's what being a sovereign God means. 

He is not "wishy - washy"! Wow! How foolish not to have faith in Him! God tells us that the 'just' shall live by faith, and if we shrink back He will not be pleased with us. How can He say this to us? 

Because He gave us His very best - His Son, Jesus Christ, and Jesus lived a sinless life as a man on this earth for you and me so we could have right standing (righteousness) with God the Father. God will not ever fail - Jesus will not ever fail - the Holy Spirit will not ever fail. That is an absolute promise! 

So I tell you again "It doesn't take much faith to believe in something that cannot fail." TGM

Was it the unbelief that grieved Him? 
When Martha urged Him NOT to open the tomb for fear of the stink, she revealed something about herself: that her faith 'stunk.' 

Notice this very important fact: Her lack of faith did not prevent the Lord from performing this mighty miracle. 

The stench of death turned quickly into the sweet smell of victory.