Healed from Cancer
The Healing Testimony of Peter Masonis

Following the death of my father from cancer, I discovered the growth of cancer on my scalp just above my hairline.  It was diagnosed as a fast growing, virulent skin cancer and surgery was scheduled to have it removed.

I didn't want it to advance to other parts of my body.  I was very concerned about it.  It had turned black and because of its location, I was no longer able to comb my hair or go to the barber.

I was prayed for at my church and I felt the Lord's presence and peace while the congregation prayed.
Later on while visiting my home cell group I listened to their guest speaker Tim Greenwood present his testimony of healing from terminal heart disease. After the presentation Tim asked for those that needed prayer to come forward.  Since I had surgery planned, I came forward to have him pray that it would all go well during the surgery.  However, Tim was led of the Holy Spirit to pray, "Cancer I bind you in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!" I curse you at the very root!" " I command all blood supply and fluids to be cut off from you!" "And that you dry up, wither and fall off."  
Tim instructed me not to keep looking at or feeling the tumor.  But rather, just to keep praising God for my healing - this is using your shield of faith.

I didn't 'feel' anything happen at the time.  His wife gave me a tape and Tim's book "Walking In Faith." I went home and read the book and began listening to the tape - "Receive Your Healing Now!" - it was full of scriptures pertaining to healing.

About three days later while washing my hair in the shower I felt something in my hand.  It was a hunk of the tumor.  I looked in the mirror and about 2/3 of the tumor was gone!

I still had surgery planned but thought "OK, it may take some cutting but now it would not take as much of my hair."  I was concerned about scarring and permanent loss of hair, since it was right in the front of my head!
  I was getting ready to go to see my specialist on the day of my surgery.  While washing my hair I again felt something again in my hand.  It was the rest of the tumor!  It looked as if it had heated up and melted right in my hand!  It fell on the floor of the shower and went down the drain.  
I got out of the shower and looked in the mirror, and now the tumor was totally gone, and I was ecstatic! Then I got back in and took another shower.

Have you ever been head over heels in love and did something silly.  This is how I felt.  I am head over heels in love with my savior and HEALER - The Lord Jesus Christ.

I went in to see my doctor and was told that indeed the cancer was completely gone.
Praise God!  For By His Stripes I was healed!

Peter Masonis
San Dimas, CA
April 24, 2002