Good Faith, Grace and Reputation
(How Grace Works)

God has made thousands of promises in the form of good faith offers throughout the Bible.

Each of these offers are "voice activated" in the sense that they are designed to be converted into contracts between you and God by verbally repeating what God said and commiting to it.

Once you've committed to the contract, you will be required to patiently "stand" your ground about that commitment untill such time that the contract is completely fulfilled.

But what happens if you fail to stand or fail to commit due to doubt, unbelief, etc? Legally speaking, this is called "Breach of Contract" or "Failure to Perform" which, is what the Bible refers to as "Sin."

Well, now you have a choice to make. Are you going to repent or not. And note that repentence is not just being "sorry" that you got caught or "sorry" that your cost you something. Repent means to sincerely "turn around" or make a life change. If you choose "No," then you lose any benefit that the contract would have afforded you and worse, it will be recorded that you are a person of bad reputation or what the Bible calls "unrighteous" until such time that you do decide to repent. However, should you choose "Yes" and repent, you open the door for God to extend His favor to you in the form of a "grace clause" which will allow you to salvage and re-enter the breached contract - as if it had never been breached, placing you back at the point where you are to take your stand.

For all those who successfully stand until the contract is completly fulfilled, you then receive all the benefits of the offer and subsequent contract and it is recorded that you are a person of good reputation or what the Bible calls "righteous."

This "grace clause" we discussed, is what the Bible refers to as "Grace" which is a type of God's (optional) favor bestowed upon the violator of a contractual relationship upon their repentance. THIS, contrary to all the religious hype and hoopla, is in fact - HOW "Grace" actually works.

You were saved by grace through faith. That is to say: YOU, the old you, the sinner - WERE "SAVED" from the old covenant death penalty exacted as the result of breach of contract (sin) BY this same "GRACE clause" THROUGH it being appended to the good FAITH contractual relationship that we breached.

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