Nuggets From the Book of Proverbs Part 2
By Marcia Greenwood

Are you seeking sound guidance and wisdom in your life? I'm speaking about wisdom that will never fail and that will always take you down the right path with no regrets, only sure victory in all you do. There is a way to receive this wisdom.

Proverbs 2 is talking to you and me. It says (Marcia, Sue, Bob, Carol, Jeff - put your name here) IF YOU RECEIVE my words and hide (highly esteem) my commandments with you. Is it time for you to do a "check up" on what the commandments are? Be honest here - if so then turn to Exodus 20 and read verses 1 through 17. God is very gracious - we have open book tests all the time!

God will not force us to receive His knowledge and wisdom. It is always our choice - do we do things God's way or our way? The smart answer is God's way. Why? His word is sound, tried, true and tested; not one word of God has ever failed (1 Kings 8:56). Obeying God's commands should be a delight to us, not a chore.

When we "set our hearts" to seek after God, seeking His way of doing things, then we will always find the hidden treasure and knowledge of God (vs. 2-5)

Have you ever lost something of value? I have. I remember one time I lost a very special gold earring. I searched and searched for it. I looked through everything, practically tearing the house apart. I even looked in the laundry basket and there it was at the very bottom. I was thrilled! This is exactly how we are to search the scriptures for godly counsel and wisdom in our lives.

God is not hiding something of value from us. He has put everything we need to know inside of the book, called the Bible. Proverbs 2:7 - He hides godly wisdom and stores it for the righteous. How wonderful when we find the truth that will truly change our circumstances. He will even fill us with His Spirit, when we ask Him (Luke 11:13), so we have the greatest teacher in the world guiding us to the right answers for all of our questions.

Let's be honest with ourselves for a moment. Do you truly search the Bible for answers on how to live your life or does that come second to other means? Matthew 6:33 admonishes us to seek FIRST His (God's) Kingdom and righteousness (God's way of doing things) and all things will be given to us. God is our loving Father. He wants us to prosper in all areas of our lives. Jesus came to this earth so we may have an abundant life, full of happiness and peace.

Joshua 1:8 tells us that when we do what the Bible says to do - THEN we will be prosperous and successful.

God is a shield (protector, defended) to those who walk uprightly. In today's world, we truly need God's protection from all evil. Evil is all around us, but we can stay protected when we walk in love, fulfilling the commandments. But when we walk in disobedience, we take ourselves out from God's protective hand and protection.

When wisdom enters into our hearts and knowledge is pleasant unto our souls THEN discretion will preserve us and understanding shall keep us. I encourage all of us to seek godly wisdom.