Seeing Yourself
As God Sees You

Marcia Greenwood
Unless we learn to look at ourselves like God looks at us, we'll never reach the potential that He has for us. The devil bombards our mind, and he comes against us in every way and tries to condemn us and make us say bad things about ourselves. But we need to realize that we are a child of God and dearly beloved by Him.

Our mental pictures of ourselves should be changed not according to some worldly view, but changed into the image God sees us. Quit criticizing what God has created. Every time we do that, it's like we're turning our backs on what God thinks of us. You need to realize that when you were born again you became a new creature in Christ Jesus, old things are passed away; and behold, and all things have become new.
There are beautiful descriptions in the Bible about how God sees you. Well, I don't see myself that way, you may say. So, change your mind. We are to transform our minds with the washing of the water of the Word. We must continue to immerse ourselves in the Word until our minds are renewed and we begin to think and speak and act like God.
What if Jesus didn't feel like He measured up to what God had for Him, He just felt too unworthy to take on the sins of the whole wide world!   Wow!  Where would we be now?
You see, God can never be wrong. Learn to agree with God. You don't know everything but God does, He sees the past, present and future!  He thought of you before the foundations of the world. God says you are His workmanship. You are the clay in the potter's hands.  Let Him work with you and continue to mold and shape your life.  He knows the plans He has for you.  We must get excited with His way of thinking about us so we can fulfill His plans for our lives!
If you were working on a project putting something together and things weren't going too well, you would look into the manual (HINT for the men) and change the way you were doing things to the way the manual said to do them so your project would succeed. Right?  So, we need to learn to confess God's word; that is, we need to learn to believe what God says, just because He says it!  It's not arrogance to say what God says.
What do you say about yourself?  I'll never amount to anything. I'm not as smart as so and so.  We've always been poor. My marriage is going to end in divorce. I'll never get a better paying job. Stop putting down what God has lifted up. Or I can do all things through Christ Jesus.  My marriage is getting better every day.  My child is smart.
When we read the Bible, we need to believe what it says. When you say, I'm a failure; you allow failure to work in your life. When you say, I'll never be able to pay these bills and catch up, much less get out of debt - well guess what you won't.  When you say these things you are walking into a snare laid by the devil, and you placed yourself there by your own words!  When you say, I'm blessed then blessings will come in your life! God says that if He is for us then who can be against us, well it's time we learned to get on God's side.
God says I have made you accepted in the beloved. Men may reject you, but I have accepted you. Your spirit man has been washed in the blood of Jesus and you have been made the righteousness of God; and inside of you, God has made you a worthy new creature. God never makes failures!
You may not feel worthy, but God says you are worthy - worthy to receive ALL that I have given you.  It's not about our feelings, it about our faith.  When we live by faith we please God.  You are worthy because Jesus shed His blood to make you worthy. Please don't take the blood of Jesus lightly!
So, I want to encourage you, from this time forward - no looking back - begin looking at yourself through the eyes of God and be blessed!
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