by Tim Greenwood
Most of you are familiar with my healing testimony as written in "Walking in Faith".  However most people don't know that translation was part of my healing.

On that morning back in 1996 when I had the heart attack at work, I notified my boss that I was ill and was going home.  Because I looked so pale my boss and coworkers desperately tried to stop me but I was determined and got into my car in Santa Monica California and headed east on the freeway for the thirty-six mile drive home.

About halfway home, just south of downtown Los Angeles, traffic got really bad and I came to a complete stop in the center lane boxed in between big rigs on both sides and behind. It was then that I experienced a second attack so severe that I could not hold onto the steering wheel.  My hands fell limp to my sides and I felt myself begin to pass out.  Just before everything went black, I asked God to "Please just get me home." 

The next instant, I felt my body pressed hard into the door from the g-force of the car making a hard right-hand turn. Tires squealing, coming out of what seemed like a deep sleep, I opened my eyes and straightened up just in time to see the hood of my car just barely miss the still opening garage door. I had to really think quick to slam on the brakes to keep the car from plowing through the back wall of my garage.  I turned off the engine, stumbled out of the car, had Marcia call the doctor and then had her drive me there.  So much else happened afterwards that I just simply forgot about all of this until months later.

What did happen?  The only explanation was that God got me home like I had asked.  God, probably through one or more angelic being, translated me, in my car, more than fifteen miles, bypassing congested freeways, offramps and city streets, from downtown Los Angeles, through three other cities, right into, (and almost through), my own garage in Arcadia.  I don't know how long I was out, but all of this seemed to happen in just a few seconds!

Miracles are still happening today.  People are getting healed, delivered, raised from the dead and yes, even supernaturally translated from one place to another place. My purpose for telling you this is to further illustrate the goodness of God and to encourage you that if He did something like that for me, then you can expect Him to do great things for you too!