WE, the People and OUR Constitution

By Tim Greenwood

We the people.
Not, we the government.
Not, we the current Administration, not, we the politicians. But,
We the people!
We the people of these United States of America.

Not the people of the one big government, not the people of the Fed.
But, we the people who make up the states of these United States.

The reason, we the people, ratified our national constitution, was to form a more perfect government, a better government.  Better than a royal monarchy, better than a dictatorship, better than communism, better than socialism, better than every European Democracy.

Our form of government is not a Democracy, but rather a Democratic Republic of individual states, made up of we the people; who select and send individuals to work for us as our representatives in our national House and Senate; and elect corporate officers to protect and defend THIS constitution. 

Not some other constitution, not just parts of this constitution, not some twisted interpretation of this constitution, but our written, codified, constitution of the United States of America.

"We 'the people' adopted a written constitution precisely because it has a fixed meaning,
A MEANING THAT DOES NOT CHANGE. Otherwise we would have adopted the British
approach of an unwritten, evolving constitution."
- Clarence Thomas, US Supreme Court Justice.

Our Democratic Republic is an incorporation of states of these United States. Its Congress; the combined House and Senate, are the corporate board of directors, and the Administration is made up of its elected corporate officers: which include a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and various Secretaries.

Every member of our House of Representatives, every Senator and every corporate officer, swore an oath before God and witnesses, to protect and defend THIS Constitution, it's preamble and every amendment. Yes. even the ones that they don't like. "Protect and defend" - not, change, twist and bend.

At this writing, it would seem that the majority of these men and women have forgotten and forsaken that oath in favor of changing, replacing, perverting or making irrelevant our constitution.

Because of the recent barrages of constitutional challenges made by the current administration of the Executive branch of our federal government and the ever increasing danger of loosing those God given constitutional freedoms due to an ever growing level of ignorance and apathy of the general public - including people in Christian congregations across this land
I encourage and challenge Pastors and Christian leaders, to begin: Stepping up, Standing up and Speaking up concerning the Constitution, our freedoms and the importance of protecting and defending them no matter what the cost.

The only way to ASSERT your rights is to KNOW your rights. And the only way to KNOW your rights is to READ the Constitution to SEE what your rights really are.

Every Christian has three rights in the 1st Amendment:
1. The Right of Association
2. The Right of Free speech
3. The Right of Religious expression.

Yet, we have ALLOWED both governments and courts to convenience us that we must now get their permission to say the name of "Jesus" in a public place? I contend that our current federal government, via activist, leftist judges and our public education institutions has now securely established a de facto "State Religion" of Secular Humanism and that IT is actively and aggressively attempting to secularize all of Christianity.

The ONLY ones that are left standing in their way to stop or at least slow their progress, is an assertive, knowledgeable Christian Church.  And the ONLY way that the Church is ever going to become assertive and knowledgeable is if Pastors and Christian leaders begin to teach and stir up congregations across the land to: Step up, Stand up and Speak up as We the people.

Therefore, it is the right, no the responsibility, of We the People, to step up, stand up and speak up to their elected federal, state and local officials, whenever any part of this constitution even begin to be threatened.

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