Which System Are You Working?
Marcia Greenwood
Which system are you working?  Is it the system of this world that is built on sand, or the system of The Kingdom of God, which is built on a Rock and never shifts, never moves, is always stable and always brings about its intended purpose?

Right now, the world's system is sinking.  It can't help but sink, because the very best the world has to offer us is not stable.  There are everyday pressures, obstacles, and ups and downs all around us; as in the housing system, banking system, stock market and on and on it goes.  We can't even put our trust in many politicians or leaders, because one day their promise might sound like a sure thing, but next day that promise may come crashing down and we are left with the thoughts of "Just whom can we believe?"

Can we live in peace; true peace while the world around us is in such turmoil?  We can't seem to hold onto true lasting peace through what the world has to offer us.  We find ourselves adjusting to the times we live in, but that is like kind of like that sinking sand and not to stable.

But living the system that God established, Kingdom of God living offers us stability and true peace.  Now, I am not saying that there will never be any problems that come our way.  But, living God's way, in faith, we will remain stable and fixed on the rock and always come out in victory.  If we keep our eyes, ears, and mouths (through speaking) on God and His ways, we won't be moved by the latest bad news, stock market dips, or economic woes.

Oh Marcia, how can that be?  How can I live better, and receive more than the world has to offer.  I only bring in so much money through my job.  It's getting harder and harder to even stay ahead of the rent or mortgage payments.  Besides, the cost of living seems to be escalating right through the roof!

I say to you, get your feet out of that sinking sand and take the hand of Jesus and step onto the Rock.  In other words, exchange systems! Yes, this may take some faith on your part, but it's not difficult to believe in something that cannot fail.  Using faith pleases the Father.  Trusting His Word, by stepping out and doing what it says to do is the perfect way to live.  Why does faith please God so much?  Because this is how He operates - every time He speaks!

Now, this may be a BIG LEAP of faith for some of you, but God is watching and He will not let you fall.  Get rid of your old way of thinking, get rid of being controlled by your emotions or reacting to the situation around you.  The Bible says that God's ways are not our ways - His thoughts are not our thoughts.  You and I were given the measure of faith when we were born again.  God's own faith in us.  His faith always works - so we must learn to live daily by faith.

God created the world and owns everything in it.  All things are possible for Him.  He desires to give us MORE than we can even think or imagine.   If we are thinking of one scoop of ice cream, He will pile on two.  If we are thinking of renting all our lives, He is thinking of a fantastic home for us.  If we are just trying to scrape to the end of the month, God wants us to have all our needs met, plus the desires of our heart. On top of the ice cream, He piles on the whip cream, enough to help others that are hurting and giving to spread the gospel.  And He even adds a cherry on top by adding no worries to it all.  It is ours for the taking.  Wow!  That's exciting!

Proverbs 4:20 - God's Word (His very own spoken Words) is Life and Health to all our flesh.

Joshua 1:8 - Keep in the Word, so that we can observe to DO it and thereby live in the blessings provided therein.

Are you ready to wash that gritty sand off your feet once and for all?  Then I encourage you to make a choice, Choose Life, Choose Blessings.  Step onto the rock.  Begin working within the Kingdom of God system - for His yoke is easy and the burden is light.

The world's system does not work to well, it is sinking all around us - come up to a higher way, the Kingdom of God system.  Choose Life - an abundant Life, and I know that God the Father and Jesus will be glad you did!

Tim Greenwood Ministries