Self Protection

In the morning, grab that armor, put it on and be ready to do battle with the hidden army of occupation.  
The army of the devil.  
Otherwise, you are EXPOSED and have NO protection.  
There is a battle going on! Both overt and covert! 

The Helmet of Salvation

The Helmet protects the mind.

The Breastplate of Righteousness

The Breastplate protects the heart.

The Gird of Truth

The Gird serves two purposes.
One, it hold the sword at the ready.
Two, it protects your bowels of belief

Shod with the Preparation of the Gospel

The leg and foot armor protects your mobility.
During a conflict with the devil, the Helmet, Breastplate, Gird, legging and foot armor will protect the more vulnerable parts of the body. 
But, there are still places that the darts of the devil can get through to wound you. 
For these, the shield and the sword are used. 

The Shield of Faith

The shield is mainly a defensive weapon.
You must learn how to use it, for it to be effective.
It must always be kept at the ready.
Even a small shield, if used properly, is sufficient to protect every open area.
However, to protect these areas, one must anticipate where the devil is aiming,
(usually, at your greatest weakness),
and be ever ready to swiftly move it to resist the next attack.
(Putting down your shield, could cost you your life!),

The Sword of the Word of God

The sword is mainly a offensive weapon.
You must learn how to use it, for it to be effective.
To wield this weapon skillfully against the devil,
and to discourage his challenges, one must study how it was used by the Master.
Each time His sword was drawn, it was swiftly, skillfully,
and accurately used to produce the desired effect.
Warning: This sword has two edges, and cuts both ways.
One must know this weapon well.
And constantly Practice, practice, practice!

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