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TGM Newsletter

Windows On The Word
Newsletter of Tim Greenwood Ministries

Windows on the Word provides a broad and interesting mix of in-depth articles. Vibrant, relevant and always interesting, treading the cutting edge of Christian publications. This solid as a rock newsletter has information written with intelligence, heart, insight and creativity. There are poignant and timely messages from Tim & Marcia Greenwood and current news of the ministry.

Windows on the Word remains essential reading for Spirit filled, faith walking Christians everywhere. A newsletter whose pages you will look forward to devouring month after month.

Last Message: A Word From the LORD for YOU!

Windows On The Word - Newsletter of Tim Greenwood Ministries *_Newsletter of Tim Greenwood Ministries_* /*Diminishing The Darkness By Lifting Up the Marvelous Light Of Jesus Christ */* December 2017 ** * NOTE: *New "Phone-Friendly" Fo...



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