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Date: November 1st 2017

  Windows on the Word
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November 2017

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Tim Greenwood - Editor

From The Editor ... by Tim Greenwood

You are under attack and don’t even know about it.

As a natural outgrowth of Secular Humanism replacing God and the Ten Commandments in society and our educational system, emotivism is now being elevated to replace Truth, Faith and the Judeo-Christian values which underpin American politics, law, and morals.

Emotivism says that statements such as “God is good” and “Sin is bad” are NOT actually truth or statements of fact, but are only the emotional expressions of the speaker’s feelings, and are therefore only equal to “Hurray for God” and “Boo for sin” thus stripping away truth, faith, absolutes, morals and values.

As ridiculous as this may sound, emotivism was the basis of the recent 4th and 9th District Court’s ruling blocking President Trump’s Executive Order which was just stayed by the U. S. Supreme Court. What the lower courts were saying was that what Mr. Trump said during the election campaign, was PROOF of his  intent to violate the (fictitious) constitutional religious rights of non-citizens who were all from Muslim nations.

What have YOU SAID in the past that could be used against you as legal evidence of YOUR INTENT? Like I said, you are under attack and likely don’t even know it.
Now the Supreme Court would have nothing to do with this and stayed the ruling; but it goes to demonstrate the levels to which secular humanism and emotivism has risen.

If you are a Christian or Christian Minister, Truth, Faith and Judeo-Christian values are the very foundations upon which you stand. I call upon ALL who hold these things dear, to Stand up, Step up and Speak up, and begin educating your friends, loved ones and congregations of this imminent threat.


... by Nancy Smith

Much discussion has taken place throughout the last several months over the divide between the “rich” and the “poor.” In my own office a lively conversation ensued over whether rich people should just turn over a portion of their earnings to the poor.

In September of ’05 a senator on the campaign trail took aim at the most profitable sector in our economy (oil companies), to state that “Human nature…is going to push the limit…you need a government regulatory system…to make the rules of the game fair.” The senator could have been speaking of any “big business.” The statement about human nature may be true. All these wealthy entities are run by individuals, and they are indeed human. 

First, can we agree that, of itself, being rich is not something of which to be ashamed?

God owns the cattle on a thousand hills (Psalm 50:10). In Haggai 2:8

God says, “The silver is mine and the gold is mine.” Yet there are biblical passages where we read of rich men who were consigned to hell.

But even so, 3rd John 2:2 states “Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health....” 

It is God’s express will that His children prosper, and much scripture supports that view. However, God also has a condition that goes along with the “prosper” – He specified even as thy soul prospers.

The soul is comprised of the mind, will and emotions – the human nature of which the senator spoke. We don’t need a mammoth system of government regulations to tell us how to act.

“There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death,” Proverbs 16:25.

Some rich men noted in the Bible were condemned because they did not rightly use their wealth. Their human nature told them to build more barns, make more profit, and keep all the wealth for themselves.

But what if a rich man was a “God-minded” man? He would not be driven by human nature, but be inspired by the Spirit of God to do useful, helpful things with his wealth. In biblical times, if any harvest was left in the field, the harvesters were not to retrieve it, but leave it for the poor to glean.

In modern times, a wealthy person could sow (give) funding into training programs for people to learn skills to obtain higher paying jobs, or create a business which employs people. People who enjoy a rich relationship with God will also sow seed into ministries that teach people how to live a life of partnership with God, teach them how to live and thereby prosper.

The people in our government seem to believe that by trying to legislate more of what we do and what we think, then they can create better lives for citizens of this nation. But human nature will spoil the plan every time.

Think of an individual who is devoted to God, who obeys His precepts, and seeks to have the mind of Christ. That individual will prosper in his ways and family life, and by extension, prosper his community, his county, his state and eventually his nation.

Ecclesiastes 11:1 tells us to - cast your bread on the waters, and you will find it again after many days.
In my experience, when I cast bread (sow seed) for the purpose of blessing other people, God sends it back to me buttered. Try looking at wealth as a tool for blessing others, and you will never be the same again..

Blessings of Prosperity

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