Corporate Bylaws are to the corporation – what the Constitution is to the United States of America!

  • Therefore, anything outside of your Bylaws – Is “un-constitutional” for your corporation!
  • Ideally the Bylaws of your corporation should be written – As Articles of War in a time of peace to protect the corporation and its officers from any future attack.
  • Therefore, I suggest that if any of your bylaws are based upon scripture, that the full text of said scripture be fully quoted within the text of that bylaw.

The corporate policies are to the corporation – As Congressional legislation (laws) are to the United States of America!

  • Therefore, corporate policy book(s) are to the corporation – What codified federal laws and statutes are to the United States of America!
  • There must be a policy to prohibit, require or regulate anything!
  • Your corporate policies – Must be based upon your Bylaws.

 The minutes are to the corporation – As the congressional record is to the United States of America!

  • The minutes of your board meetings – Are the memory of your corporation! If it is not in the minutes, it NEVER HAPPENED!
  • For instance, if you never had an initial Board meeting and/or never recorded the minutes of that meeting at which the corporate officers, such as CEO/President, were selected/appointed then “legally” the meeting NEVER HAPPENED and you are NOT actually the CEO/President.  Yes, really!
  • To remedy this, go through your records and write up all the missing minutes containing this and all other critical missing information, and then RATIFY everything in those minutes at your next board meeting.

I encourage all incorporated ministries to take the time, now, to get their bylaws, minutes and policies in proper order to safeguard the corporation’s future.