Conquering Fear and Anxiety (eBook PDF Download)


Are stressful fears and anxieties robbing you of your joy?
Are you a worrier, nervous or always anxious?
Are you plagued with sweaty palms, a racing heart and shortness of breath, nausea, a feeling of losing control or other symptoms of fears or phobias?
…If so, it’s time to conquer fear and anxiety!

Far too many people are being taught that learning to cope with fears and anxieties is the most they can expect. But coping with fear and anxiety is not enough!

This powerful new book will teach you what fear really is, how fear works and how to stop fear in it’s tracks!
Putting all of this information to work will cause anxieties to vanish, confidence to soar and will produce results that will last a lifetime.

Just imagine never fearing anything ever again!

This product contains .ePub eBook file and the eBook in .PDF format, shipped on a USB Drive.

An ePub format file can be viewed on most eBook readers, EXCEPT Kindle, and can also be viewed on a PC by downloading the free Adobe Digital Editions software from Adobe;

The PDF format file can be viewed on most every eBook viewer on the market, and on the PC by downloading free Adobe Acrobat software from Adobe..


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