Good Faith And Biblical Contracts – ePub and pdf eBook on USB


Good Faith and Biblical Contracts – eBook (ePub and pdf formats on USB) by Tim Greenwood
You may never look at faith the same way again!
Every promise and statement of fact in the Bible is really a Good Faith Contract that is available to you, and and the Lord has provided thousands of these Contracts, already signed and sealed with His blood, only awaiting your signature, for you to obtain the wonderful blessings therein.

“Good Faith and Biblical Contracts” makes the concept of FAITH more tangible to those that have found it difficult to apply FAITH to their everyday lives, and will help believers understand and apply FAITH from a practical standpoint.

Good Faith and Biblical Contracts will help you discover:
The fundamental importance and blessings of Good Faith.
How Good Faith actually predates mankind.
The Keys to success in every relationship.
And how to have and operate in Good Faith each and every day.
This product contains .ePub eBook file and the eBook in .PDF format, shipped on a USB Drive.

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