Issues Of The Heart (MP3s on USB)


How is your heart condition?
I’m talking about your spiritual heart condition!
Are you on the verge of having a spiritual heart attack?
You are a spirit.
You have a soul, which is made up of your mind, will and emotions, and you live in a body.
When you are born again your spirit is made new, whole and healthy.
But your mind, will and emotions are not.

What the Bible refers to, as your heart is the combination of your spirit and soul, or your inner man.
Until your soul is whole, your heart remains broken.

A broken heart will handicap your ability to follow your spirit.
A broken heart will allow your flesh to dominate your spirit.
A broken heart will control your world through inferiority, insecurity, defensiveness and the fear of rejection.

Through this important 4 part MP3s on USB series you will learn how to heal that broken heart through the renewal of your mind, will and emotions.