Tim Greenwood

Tim’s Story

“A dynamic minister of the Gospel.”   
“A living testimony of the mighty healing power of Jesus the Christ.”

Tim Greenwood is the founder and president of Tim Greenwood Ministries, reaching people everywhere with the good news of Jesus Christ.

After being supernaturally healed of terminal heart disease, Tim preaches and teaches the Body of Christ to walk by faith and not by sight. The devil meant to kill Tim, but now he is doing major damage to the devil’s kingdom.

Tim is the author of several books: Good Faith and Biblical Contracts, Conquering Fear and Anxiety, The Simplicity of Grace, Debunking the Suffering Doctrine and his powerful book “Walking In Faith,” which is read in more than 200 nations of the world.

Tim’s powerful healing testimony has been featured on radio and television programs including worldwide on Kenneth Copeland’s, “Believers Voice of Victory.”

Rev. 12:11 says that we overcome Satan and his demons by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of our testimony! Tim’s testimony as written in “Walking in Faith” and other testimonies like it diminish the darkness of the devil’s kingdom by lifting up the marvelous light of Jesus the Christ! It helps people understand that if God did this for Tim He will do the same thing for them because God is no respecter of persons.

Through Tim Greenwood Ministries, as Christian authors, lecturers and teachers, Tim and Marcia Greenwood specifically help people receive and retain physical, mental and emotional healing by faith through his personal testimony of rapid incremental healing from terminal heart disease, and many other teachings that are available in audio, video, internet and print medias, and generally help people receive all that God has for them. Through the International Convention of Faith Ministries, Tim Greenwood has served as the Southwest Regional Director, hosting meetings designed to encourage, equip and connect the 5-fold ministry.

As ordained ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Tim and Marcia preach, teach and function as a ministry team by invitation across the United States in Christian churches and organizations.

They, through Tim Greenwood Ministries, have already reached hundreds of thousands of people through its ministry outreaches. One of these outreaches is an anointed internet website ministry which you are now viewing at www.tgm.org. Another is our newsletter, “Windows on the Word” which is monthly read and enjoyed by thousands. You can Subscribe to the newsletter by selecting the “Resources-Newsletter” menu above. And yet another outreach is our “Windows on the Word” YouTube Channel which can be subscribed to by selecting the “Resources-Video” menu above.

Man of Many Talents

Tim is a man of many skills and talents having had multiple professional careers over his lifetime. Tim started working in the food service industry as a Pot-washer, became a Baker’s Apprentice, then a Baker, a Master Retail Baker, a Professional Pastry Chef, an award-winning Ice Sculptor and a College Food Service Director. In short, Tim really knows his way around a professional kitchen.

He and his staff used to produce balanced, delicious, nutritious, meals for 600 hungry students. Now he produces balanced, edifying, equipping, spiritual meals for thousands so that they can reach millions for the Kingdom.

Tim has also been a professional Database Applications Developer, a Level-3 Software Engineer and Systems Analyst, building database applications such as Point-of sale, Perpetual inventory and Order systems for the food service industry; an Equine Veterinary Medicine Management System; a Work-flow Monitoring and Management System and Annuity Prospectus System for the insurance industry; as well as a Ministry Management System for non-church ministries.

Tim said someone recently asked him, “What do you do for fun?”, and Tim told him, that it had been so long that he had “forgotten.” 

Back before Tim got started in the ministry, he had two hobbies: Model railroading, building two extensive photo realistic layouts and Genealogical Research, discovering around 1500 direct ancestors, over 30 years, with one line reaching all the way back to Adam. No one was more surprised than Tim to find out that more than 100 of these direct ancestors were Kings, Queens and Emperors of old. Tim says that all this proves is that evolution is not true.

Good Faith and Biblical Contracts

After reading this life changing 182 page book, you may never look at faith the same way again! Every promise and statement of fact in the Bible is really a Good Faith Contract  already signed and sealed with His blood, only awaiting your signature, for you to obtain the wonderful blessings therein. This book makes the concept of FAITH more tangible to those that have found it difficult to apply FAITH to their everyday lives, and to help believers understand and apply FAITH from a practical standpoint. This is revelation from the holy Spirit hidden in plain sight for millennia. “Good Faith and Biblical Contract” will help you discover: The importance and blessings of Good Faith. How Good Faith predates mankind. The Keys to success in every relationship. And how to use Good Faith each and every day.

Conquering Fear and Anxiety

Are stressful fears and anxieties robbing you of your joy? Are you a worrier, nervous or always anxious? Are you plagued with sweaty palms, a racing heart and shortness of breath, nausea, a feeling of losing control or other symptoms of fears or phobias? …If so, it’s time to conquer fear and anxiety!  
Far too many people are being taught that learning to cope with fears and anxieties is the most they can expect. But coping with fear and anxiety is not enough! 

This powerful new book will teach you what fear really is, how fear works and how to stop fear in it’s tracks! 
Putting all of this information to work will cause anxieties to vanish, confidence to soar and will produce results that will last a lifetime. Just imagine never fearing anything ever again!
The Simplicity of Grace

By grace you are saved. But it doesn’t end there. And it doesn’t even start there.  
God established a relationship with mankind through Adam, a child of God. Adam sinned and all mankind went into bondage. Jesus came as the second Adam to reestablish that relationship. In order to salvage that broken relationship He offered mankind extraordinary leeway in the form of a second chance to repent and rejoin in that relationship by accepting Jesus as King, becoming a citizen of the Kingdom of God, getting adopted by Father God and becoming a member of the God family.  
That extraordinary leeway is the favor that the Bible refers to as grace. 

And that is only just the beginning of the favor that comes from being a child of God. And its all available to you.