Transforming lives to a new level.
Teaching thousands to reach millions.

Providing principles that you can use and applications that make a difference.
Diminishing the darkness of this world by lifting up the marvelous light of Jesus Christ.


Tim and Marcia minister in churches, meetings and conferences, by invitation, everywhere God leads. Maximize your potential in your ministry, career and personal life. Understand God’s plan and purpose for your life. Discover how the Word of God can transfigure your life. Learn how to be a successful leader. Learn how to live a life of significance. Learn how to leave a lasting legacy and fulfill your destiny. For an itinerary of their upcoming meetings and events, click the button below.

Windows on the Word

This Newsletter provides a broad and interesting mix of in-depth articles. Vibrant, relevant and always interesting, treading the cutting edge of Christian publications. This solid as a rock publication has information written with intelligence, heart, insight and creativity. There are poignant and timely messages from Tim & Marcia Greenwood and current news of the ministry. Windows on the Word remains essential reading for Spirit filled, faith walking Christians everywhere month after month.


Tim and Marcia Greenwood make the covenant relationship of partnership available to those whom God calls to link up with this ministry. When you become Partners with TGM by fighting alongside us in prayer and in financial giving to God’s efforts through TGM, you partake of our anointing and rewards, eternal as well as great blessings here and now! Plus we pray for all of our partners each and every day. Please join your faith with ours to advance the Kingdom of God.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Are my contributions to TGM tax deductible?

Yes, Tim Greenwood Ministries is a 501(c)(3), tax exempt, California Religious Organization.
*All contributions, less the value of any products received, are tax deductible as allowed by law.
(Upon receipt of sufficient funds for a specific project, support will be used for an equally important outreach.)

Can my contributions be refunded?


The U.S. tax laws, codes and statutes do not allow us to return contributions.

What if I want to give using a check or money order?

Simply send your check or money order by mail to the following address:

Tim Greenwood Ministries
Post Office Box 1904
Arcadia, CA 91077

Are there other ways to give to TGM?

Yes. There are many additional ways to give to TGM such as:

Estate Planning:
Lifetime Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Life Insurance, Revocable Living Trusts and Wills

Gifts Other Than Money:
Gifts of Real Estate, Gifts of Valuables, Gifts of Property, In Kind Giving and more.

For more information on these and other methods of giving to TGM please contact us by mail to the following address:
Tim Greenwood Ministries
Post Office Box 1904
Arcadia, CA 91077

Or email us at:

is a



Saving the lost.


Equipping the saved (Saints).


Edifying the equipped (Believers).


Delivering the oppressed.


Teaching the faith that pleases God.


Teaching the love of God and the importance of loving your fellow man.


Providing instruction for the renewal of the mind.


Providing training for leadership


Providing healing for the sick.